Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Expert Patient - How I lost 40 kg in 6 months - without a doctor or a gym !

Here's a first person account of how Mr Rajat changed his life !

" Today, when I look back at 2007 especially January to July, I realize that “ simple determination and basic fundamentals can enable one to achieve almost anything “. Well that’s how I lost 44kgs in 6 months. No doctors, no dieticians, no gym. This is how my story goes …….

It was Nov.,06. I was in full bloom of my glory --- 110kgs and bulging from all sides. I used to hate my mammoth size and appearance but had learnt to live with it. Never thought it was possible to come back to normal size. But the incident in the flight from Mumbai to Surat brought about a resolve in me which I never thought would happen. I took a window seat and managed to squeeze myself in. And minutes later, guess who walked in ---- none other than Mr. Shashi Ruia, Chairman of the Essar Group, where I am employed. After a few minutes of discussion on business, he spent the next half an hour to Surat explaining to me how important it was for me, my family and general quality of life that I lose weight. It was like a father talking to a son, a guru teaching his disciple rather than an employer to an employee. Man, I thought to myself, how much he cares, how concerned he is. Not many people could have spoken with the intensity and feelings and the manner in which he urged me. Believe me, it was a beginning of a new “ME”.

From that day onwards my resolve started growing and finally from 15th Jan.,07 I started my journey on weight reduction. I scanned through the net for an ideal diet and exercise regime but the message I largely got was

The calorie intake has to be lesser than calorie output.

Fruits, boiled vegetables are good enough to provide all the nutrients.

Walking/jogging are the best form of exercises.

Yoga is also very good coupled with aerobics.

Better to break exercise in two parts – morning and evening.

So I started with vigorous walks both morning and evening. Initially I would do about 8 kms and gradually stepped it up to 20 kms ( 10 in the morning and 10 evening). Twice a week to break the monotony I would swim about 2.5 to 3 kms. Simultaneously I started reducing my diet.

My normal diet was 2 eggs in the morning with 2 slices of bread and a glass of juice. Lunch comprised rice/noodles and soup. Dinner was always heavy post 3 to 4 drinks with mouthwatering snacks. Gradually, over a month, I came down to fruits in the morning – no lunch – fruits/ boiled vegetable at night with lots of hot water through the day.

Within 15 days I could see the results. On 1st Feb. 100kgs. And I was extremely motivated. By Valentines day 96 Kgs…… mid March 88Kgs …… end April 75Kgs and 66Kgs by end July.

There was a lot of advice coming around from various sources. Do this….. don’t do this, are you feeling weak and so on. At one point of time I got very scared even though I was feeling at the top of the world. The family physician gave me one simple advice. Listen to your body. If there is something wrong your body will tell you. Do not ignore those signals such as spin in the head, giddiness, cramps etc. I felt none.

Today I am maintaining myself between 65 and 68Kgs and feel great. If you are keen on shedding Kgs build up a resolve and go for it. If a guy like me can do it anybody can, so go ahead and do it. At any point of time you feel like talking to me please feel free to write to me on my mail address ---- [email protected]

Best of luck,


Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here's a before and after !


  1. Congratulations! Very inspiring.

    I am on the same journey myself, starting from 115Kg and aiming to reach 75Kg.

    I've lost the first 10Kg in two months, so I think my 40Kg journey will take slightly longer than yours. Seeing your success is a great motivation to continue.

    Thank you for sharing

  2. Anonymous6:37 PM

    so inspiring getting there 20 kg in 6 months

  3. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Very much inspiring. thank you now i am 106kg and aim to loose 44 kg in 6-7months as i want to prepare for NDA.

  4. Anonymous7:00 AM

    great work! congrats on the achievment!

  5. nidhi3:35 PM

    hi sir, i am 25 yrs and i am not sure wher am i suppose to start from...i work for a bpo in delhi and i dont have any fix schedule..i am 90 kgs and i want to loose atleast 40 kgs can u suggest me something

  6. Anonymous10:26 PM

    hai i am 34 yr old , 100kg weighing woman w3ho wants to lose 40 kgs in 6 months. your blog was inspiring, becoz it is always like i can understand the dedication and determination u have put to lose weight. i should try and terribly lose weight

  7. Thank you for an inspiring story. It has made it possible for me to want to lose weight. I have started and I am not looking back.

  8. Anonymous11:15 AM

    Congratulations on your weight loss! But how did you deal with loose skin after weight loss? and how old were you when you lost the weight?

  9. hatsoff to u sir , im starting my plan , wish me good luck

  10. Anonymous6:16 PM

    I'm a 13 year old teenager, weighing around 85 kgs and now starting my 35kg weight loss journey. This helped me to believe i can achieve my goals, thank you :)))

  11. Guyz...... i am in too !!!! I am 30 years.. 90 kgs and planning to loose 30 kgs in tge next 4 months.. lrts help and support each other .. :D anyone who wants to accompany me can leave your no.. and we shall do it together

  12. Hi everyone I am 23 years old and my weight is 100kg. I am starting my journey today and I want to lose 50kg in 12 months.

  13. Hi Iam 42 yrs weighing 106 my work involves just sitting 12 hrs at the system, after reading this blog right away deciding to walk to and fro from my home to shop by walk, bless me, shankar

  14. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I am 125 kgs right now and want to reach 70 kgs

  15. Excellent good job...I know it's very hard to control our mind nd to do heavy exercise but ya it's hve both side one give pain but other side is awesome its give u very beautiful experience with admire by others...I planned but I can't so sad but now I inspired by many people so now I started my plan with stick warning...I hope I also do this


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