Friday, December 28, 2007

Develop SOA solutions for healthcare organizations using business-driven development

Develop SOA solutions for healthcare organizations using business-driven development: "Business-driven development is the key methodology in delivering healthcare solutions based on a Service-Oriented Architecture. To ensure the information system to be developed meets the business requirements of the organization, BDD starts by capturing requirements and analyzing business process before investing in code development. In the ambulatory care case study, we conducted interviews with all the stakeholders and documented the expectations and challenges, identified issues and opportunities."

Check out the screenshots ! Delivering healthcare is a complex process - which is why automating it is a tough task. Otherwise, you'll end up as another horror story. " A hospital I talked to two years ago indicated that as the result of its major initiative of Health Information Systems (HIS), it already had a complete HIS in place that provided an integrated information system accessible by doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and administrators. One year later, when talking to an IT manager of this hospital, to my surprise, I was told that they were going to re-do the entire system because the system they put in place earlier did not support their business needs. Unfortunately, according a report by the Standish Group, if you have four IT projects going on, three of them will ultimately end up to a similar fate. Only 28 percent of software projects succeed where American companies spend annually upwards of $275 billion on about 200 thousand application software projects. Please see the Resources section for more information."

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