Saturday, December 29, 2007

DocSite Registry™

DocSite Registry™: "A simple effective solution at an affordable price

For physicians by physicians. DocSite Registry™ demonstrably improves care with minimal disruption to office workflow for a modest price. DocSite Registry is a patient-centric, all conditions registry bringing evidence-based medicine to the point of care without stifling each physician's individualized excellence.
Success one patient at a time

Physicians use the registry to manage chronic, complex and preventive health needs for individual patients or entire patient populations. DocSite Registry graphically organizes relevant clinical information from the patient record to save time during office visits, and supports proactive management of clinical conditions across all patients in the practice showing care elements that are due or out of range.
Measure and report

DocSite Registry allows you to measure and track the care of one patient, as well as populations of patients in your practice. Participate in any clinical integration, health collaborative or quality-based initiative with confidence knowing you have been managing patients using nationally recognized evidenced-based medical guidelines aligned with outcomes measures."

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