Thursday, December 20, 2007

Stress, sex and infertility

We are now seeing many "infertile" couples who are having difficulty conceiving because they are too stressed or too busy to have sex ! This is the price couples often pay for living in a huge metropolis like Bombay !

Having a sexual problem is bad enough - and the added stress of the involunatary " infertility " makes it even worse. This often becomes a negative vicious cycle, which is hard to break.

The traditional response was to go to a sexologist or psychiatrist for counselling - with expectedly poor results, because talking does not make the problem go away !
The next step was to forget about the sex altogether and just focus on having a baby by going to a gynecologist for an artificial insemination. Often, this can be very hard on the ego - and it's not easy to make time to go to a doctor's clinic for these super-busy couples. The result is often that the baby-making gets postponed year after year - often until it's too late !

We are very pleased to sell a Comprehensive DIY Fertility Treatment Kit online . The kit costs only Rs 4400 ( about US $ 100 only) and includes the following:

1. An Ovulation Prediction Test Kit, to help you determine your "fertile time"

2. Self-Insemination Kit, to help you insert the sperm in the vagina

3. A Penile Vibratory Stimulator, to help you ejaculate

4. Non-Toxic Condoms, to collect the semen

We feel this simple kit will help many more Urban Stressed Infertile Couples to have their own babies ! It's much easier than going to a doctor - and much less expensive and more fun !

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