Monday, December 17, 2007

Medicine as a service business

Medicine as a service business : "The best way to answer that question is to recognize that hematology/oncology and medicine in general is a business. Once you understand the basic principles of business, you realize that whether you are in the retail clothing business, the hardware store business, the retail pharmacy business, or sales in general, the central focus is service. All successful businesses provide a needed service to their customers. And in this case, the customer is the patient. Those who provide the best service in the best environment with the best personnel will be successful.

Consolidating all care services into one center makes receiving those services much easier for the patient. And referring doctors like it too, because they know their patients are getting the best care. A centralized cancer center also offers several benefits in a business sense. For instance, it offers easy accessibility for referrals for outpatient radiology and laboratory services.

Because of these and other benefits, the concept of a consolidated center is becoming more prevalent. Several oncologists are trying to copy our concept by offering patient-centered care in an all-in-one facility."

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