Friday, December 28, 2007

McHealthcare - Delivering Consumer-Driven Healthcare

McHealthcare - Delivering Consumer-Driven Healthcare: "McDonald’s consumer focus offers some important lessons for the healthcare providers to ponder as they are forced to transform into more consumer-driven organisations."

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  1. the whole concept of McHealthcare is very troubling to me. The typical health care experience for the average patient is very homogenized; go to the clinic or doctor's office in your group's network, sit in a waiting room with 100 other sick people for an hour, go back and see a doctor for maybe a minute so he can write a prescription. It's impersonal and mechanical, and doesn't really address a patients needs. the doctors don't know or don't remember patient history; there is the least amount of personal involvement with the patient as possible.

    The whole setup is just like McDonald's; designed to service as many people as possible with the least amount of thought or energy expelled; all in the name of efficiency and profitability. that would be a bit easier to swallow if you were paying McDonald's prices for its' healthcare equivalent; yet your paying champagne and caviar prices.


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