Monday, December 24, 2007

HealthBlog- Medical Tourism. The World is Flat

HealthBlog. Medical Tourism. The World is Flat: "These hospitals in India and Thailand are no ordinary facilities even by US standards. Most American hospital administrators would be green with envy. The all-private-room facilities look more like 5-star hotels than hospitals and sport the very latest top-of-the-line imaging devices, therapeutic modalities, and information technologies. And unlike American Hospitals, when you check in for service here you know exactly how much you'll pay upon discharge.

In many ways this would be the story of American automobile manufacturing all over again were it not for the fact that not all patients can or will go overseas for treatment. But as the world grows flatter, in much the same way that the Japanese and Koreans have transformed the auto industry, global competition is making American healthcare a target for some revolutionary changes. And contemporary IT will play a significant role in all of this by making health information, healthcare quality, and pricing totally transparent and by facilitating communication and collaboration between care teams and patients across the seven seas."

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