Monday, December 24, 2007

The Society for Innovative Practice Design

The Society for Innovative Practice Design: "The Society for Innovative Practice Design brings together physicians who understand and accept the challenge of bridging the gap between the theory and the practice of consumer driven medicine. The redesign of medical practice by our member physicians has as its core a clear understanding that the physician works on behalf of the patient, not the managed care plan, the employer or the government providing the insurance coverage. Many innovative practices even create a financial firewall between themselves and third-party payers because they have found the culture of third-party payment a distraction from their primary focus on patients.

The interest of physicians in redesigning medical practice focuses on dealing with opportunities and problems that embrace both patient care and practice economics:

Growing patient demand for prevention-focused primary care services

A need to improve practice efficiency by controlling the expenses of contracting with third-party payers

A need to develop innovative financing arrangements that are patient friendly rather than dictatorial.

The reengineering of practice operations to improve patient service and convenience"

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