Friday, July 28, 2006

Stockholm Challenge Award- Operation Village Health

Stockholm Challenge Award - Operation Village Health : "Through leveraging of an expanding Internet infrastructure, this cross-cultural program provides email-based physician support to Cambodian health workers in two remote sites, allowing Harvard-affiliated specialists to share their knowledge and collaborate with underserved communities on the other side of the globe. "
This is how and why the web can be so powerful in improving healthcare delivery in India !

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  1. Anonymous10:11 AM

    Hey Dr. Aniruddha,

    I've got a serious question. My wife and I have been thinking about having a baby, however, I am a female, and cannot provide that. She will be the carrier. However, I was wondering what is the difference between IVF Treatment, and Artificial Insemination? I
    have a donor already in mind, and he's agreed to do it, it's my brother, so that my kid can come out with genes similar to mines. However, the real question is, WHO'S NAME GOES ON THE FATHER PART ON THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE ONCE THE BABY IS BORN? i'd appreciate it if you can email me, asap. thanks alot!
    [email protected]



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