Saturday, July 08, 2006

Role of Vegetarian Diet in Health and Disease- Doctor's views

Role of Vegetarian Diet in Health and Disease- Doctor's views : "'You are what you eat' is an age old adage—and it is a fact that it is food that maketh a man. The food we eat, its quality, quantity, its timing and combinations is proven time and again to be of utmost importance in Health as well as in Disease.
At the Bombay Hospital we have been serving vegetarian food from the inception of this institution and now we feel that the time has come to offer scientific justification for this. Not only on religious or moral grounds is this justifiable, but also on scientific grounds vegetarian food seems the more suitable diet for human beings. More scientific work has been done on vegetarianism in the last two decades than in the entire previous history of the world. Therefore, we felt that we should take the lead and bring to the fore all that there is to know on vegetarianism from the scientific angle and thereby justity the use of vegetarianism in health and in disease."
Excellent scientific review by leading doctors as to why vegetarian food is good for you !

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