Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Partnering with Patients and Family

Partnering with Patients and Family “Fixing” the problems that plague health care in the United States, most experts now agree, demands system-wide solutions. The health care system must be redesigned, and that enormous task must be undertaken collaboratively by all key stakeholders—health care professionals, administrators, planners and policy makers, and payers, as well as by patients and their families. Such partnerships must begin with a shared understanding of the problems, and a shared commitment to work together to solve them. Only then can an action plan for redesigning the health care system be developed and implemented. This paper provides background information to facilitate the development of an action plan to ensure that sustained, meaningful partnerships with patients and families are in place in hospitals and health systems; in community clinics and other ambulatory settings; in schools educating the next generation of health care professionals; in national associations; in federal, state, and community agencies; in foundations and advocacy organizations; and among payers.

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