Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Medical Profession's Culture of Corruption - and how to protect yourself

The Medical Profession's Culture of Corruption - and how to protect yourself: "Doctors make decisions based on information. If doctors' sources of information are dominated by the drug industry, then doctors' decisions will typically focus on drugs. The drug industry invests billions to accomplish this. Carefully selected information is provided to doctors at drug company-subsidized seminars, via advertising in medical journals, and via 90,000 drug reps who leave samples and studies at doctors' offices every day. Drug companies write the package inserts included with all medications, and they design and conduct or underwrite studies that are published in medical journals. Such studies are usually more favorable toward their medications that independent studies. "
What this means is that you really can't trust your doctor to prescribe what's best for you ! Even if he is honest, he may have been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical industry's propaganda into prescribing drugs which may not be very good for you.
Many people are so fed up of Big Medicine, that they prefer using alternative medicine as their treatment of first choice. However, the field of alternative medicine is even murkier. While the misinformation in Big Medicine is systematised and cleverly oiled, quackery flourishes in the arena of alternative medicine, because there is no regulation or supervision. Your best weapon is information - but you have to be very careful where you source your information from. There's too much information out there - and lots of it is unreliable or biased.
This is why information produced by independent organisations such as Healthwise is worth its weight in gold !

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