Thursday, July 06, 2006

Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence Based Medicine: "
This process of looking at the state of the evidence before making a decision is called evidence-based medicine or evidence-based health care. It means based on scientific evidence or supported by proof. It means not relying only on the views of experts, but on the most objective knowledge as well. The goal is to help patients get the most appropriate treatment for them. After considering the evidence and the person's own values and judgment about their options, a patient and experienced doctor can come to a better decision. The best health care is not necessarily where 'everything” is done for the patient, but rather, the most appropriate. This can protect people from harmful and useless treatments. What's more, it is only when we know what the limits of knowledge are, that we can know what needs to be done in the future to fill the gaps in what is known."
Evidence-based medicine ( EBM) is one of medicine's current buzzwords. This is a very useful guide, which explains what EBM Means in clear English .

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