Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The McKinsey Way for making medical decisions

The McKinsey Way for making medical decisions : "The hallmark of problem-solving at McKinsey is that every analysis is decomposed such that the issues are:
* Mutually Exclusive (each idea is distinct and separate; overlap represents muddled thinking) and
* Collectively Exhaustive (you've covered all the possibilities; you've thought of everything."
McKinsey is one of the world's leading consultant firms, and you can apply their MECE technique when you need to make a decision about a medical problem.
For example, for patients who are infertile, the MECE list would include:
1. child-free living
2. adoption
3. medical treatment

Of course, you would then need to learn more about each of these options by researching them, till you find the one that's right for you !

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