Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Top 10 Healthcare Innovations for 2006 -- HealthLeadersMedia.com

The Top 10 Healthcare Innovations for 2006 -- HealthLeadersMedia.com: "The Top 10 Healthcare Innovations for 2006
By Richard L. Reece, M.D. I recently gave 100 healthcare leaders from hospital, physician, supply chain and policy sectors a list of 35 major innovations and asked them to rank the top 10 that are transforming U.S. healthcare.
The poll revealed five major directions:
1. Information technology tools for consumers to better manage and pay for care are on everybody’s docket.
2. Consumer-driven healthcare has staying power.
3. Chronic care management will be huge.
4. Public-private partnerships to manage care for Medicare and Medicaid recipients will be a preoccupation.
5. Customized ambulatory care centers and chains to deliver high quality, cost effective patient services locally, regionally and nationally will flourish."
Lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs as healthcare evolves.

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