Thursday, July 20, 2006

Basic Nursing Skills - Where Women Have No Doctor

Basic Nursing Skills - Where Women Have No Doctor " Certain skills that can help a person give the best care to someone who is ill. These skills include preventing infection, giving an exam and getting information about a person’s body, giving life-saving fluids, and giving injections. This section gives more complete information about these skills. You may think of these as ‘doctor’s’ or ‘nurse’s’ skills, but they are all skills that anyone can learn with time and practice. Some skills, like giving an exam or an injection, are best learned by having a skilled person show you how. Once learned, all of these skills can make a careful person better able to help other safely."
This will help to demystify a lot of what doctors and nurses do. Valuable skills to add to your armamentarium - all presented in a very simplified format - a bit like the Dummy's Guide to Home Nursing.

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