Wednesday, July 12, 2006

wellness � Executive summary

wellness � Executive summary: "Creating a better future requires understanding why things are the way they are, having a vision of a better tomorrow, and having a strategy for realizing that vision. When it comes to something as complex as healthcare, making sense of all this is no easy task. This wiki, therefore, focuses on presenting the main issues in a clear and organized manner to stimulate productive dialogue about ways to solve the healthcare crisis.
First, we define the problem: Healthcare expenditures in America continue to escalate out of control as quality (safety, effectiveness, efficiency, affordability, timeliness, and availability) suffers.
Second, we examine proposed solutions: Debates now focus on what models should replace the failed financial strategies of the past.
Third, we propose a unique and sensible model to solve our country’s healthcare problems."
This is an extremely comprehensive and optimistic view of how we can use existing technology to heal a sick healthcare system.

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