Friday, July 21, 2006

WellPoint to package records online

WellPoint to package records online : "One of the key features of 360 Health is the 'personal health record,' which can be accessed by the member over the Internet. The record will include claims, lab results and pharmacy information tracked by WellPoint, as well as some information from the member, such as blood-pressure readings if that member has been instructed by a doctor to track their blood pressure.
The goal, WellPoint said, is to arm people with information about their own health histories. For instance, a man seeing a cardiologist for the first time could share his personal record with that doctor so the physician would have a more complete picture of that patient's medications and medical history.
In another example, a pregnant woman could use 360 Health to research information on proper nutrition during pregnancy. Or that mom-to-be could look up names of doctors and hospitals that specialize in high-risk pregnancies or register to have a dedicated nurse to have phone consultations with throughout the pregnancy.
WellPoint said much of 360 Health is packaging together information and services already available to its members. But some experts said the personalized health record stood out to them as an innovative approach to better using health information.
'I think it is an important step to make an effort to use their data to put it at the fingertips of patients and doctors where they can access it day or night,' said Dr. Brad Doebbeling, a professor of internal medicine at Indiana University and director of IU's Center for Health Services and Outcomes Research at the Regenstrief Institute.
The concept for 360 Health was developed by New York-based insurer WellChoice, which WellPoint acquired last year. WellPoint said nearly $100 million has gone into developing the program."
This is a win-win situation and I am sure lots of other health plans will provide the same services to their customers soon.

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