Tuesday, July 18, 2006

NoMoreClipboard.com—How it works

NoMoreClipboard.com—How it works: "It’s frustrating trying to remember all of the information needed for “clipboard forms” at the doctor’s office. But with NoMoreClipboard.com, you can relax. NoMoreClipboard.com is an online service you can use anytime, anywhere. It’s a secure Web site where you can consolidate all of your personal health information and then send it to your healthcare provider before you visit the doctor’s office. Say goodbye to the days of balancing the clipboard on your lap and struggling to remember details about injuries, medications, hereditary medical conditions, and more. You can make sure your doctor has all of that information ahead of time by sending it to him or her using NoMoreClipboard.com. Plus, you’ll find NoMoreClipboard.com can help you keep all of your family’s medical information better organized and quickly accessible in the case of an emergency."
Here's a clever solution to a common problem !

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