Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New retail health clinic coming to area

New retail health clinic coming to area: "The new health delivery model, in the long-run however, could have a 'profound effect' on the conventional doctor's office model, said Brian Klepper, president of the Center for Practical Health Reform. 'Doctors may find themselves feeling the necessity to reexamine their pricing ... they may need to look at their hours,' he said. 'This will create greater market pressure for physicians in a lot of ways.' As employers shift more of the financial cost of health care onto workers through increased premiums and deductibles, cost-conscious patients are turning to these models, which offer inexpensive and up-front pricing for medical services. The retail clinic model is gaining traction as many Americans find themselves priced out of commercial health insurance coverage, Klepper said. People, he said, are 'showing up at these places and getting care when they need it.'"
Just like ATMs revolutionised the banking industry, maybe this model will change the face of healthcare delivery by making it more easily available and affordable. Instead of patients having to come to doctor, what's wrong with doctors going to where the patients are ?

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