Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Strengthening Micro Health Insurance Units for the Poor in India

Strengthening Micro Health Insurance Units for the Poor in India: "Microinsurance is a form of health, life or property insurance, which offers limited protection at a low contribution (hence “micro”). It is aimed at poor sections of the population and designed to help them cover themselves collectively against risks (hence “insurance”). Normally, microinsurance schemes are linked to associations (besides non-governmental organizations for instance trade unions, religious congregations and hospitals), whose main area of work puts them in direct contact with the target groups. They may, but must not necessarily, act as the insurance provider: in many cases, they have transferred the risks of the insurance business to a professional insurer."
We need to also address the needs of the 200 million middle class Indian citizens who can pay for health insurance - but who are not being adequately served at present.

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