Sunday, April 02, 2006

Where there is no doctor - now available online - free !

Where there is no doctor - now available online - free !
This book is a classic - and helped to change my way of practising medicine completely. During medical school, during my professionalisation of becoming a doctor, I was taught that doctors were experts, and were the repository of all medical knowledge. Patients came to doctors for medical treatment - because they didn't know what to do for themselves.
This book changed my viewpoint completely - and showed me that patients can be taught to handle most of their problems themselves.
Actually, in real life, most of us are our own doctors ! Most medical problems which galvanise patients into seeking medical attention are usually just life's daily aches and pains. They are self-limited and get better on their own - often, even inspite of their doctor. If we can teach patients how to take better care of themlselves, we can dramatically improve their health.
If Dr Werner could so this so simply and lucidly for semi-literate villagers, our opportunities are now multiplied a hundred-fold, if we use new communications technology cleverly !

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