Saturday, April 22, 2006

Everyone seems to be an infertility specialist !

Infertile couples are bombarded with advise - what to eat; what not to eat; when to have sex; when not to have sex; how to have sex; in which position to have sex; which doctor to go to; and which pill to take. The old wives' tales about fertilty are mind-boggling - I still come across new ones even today, which continue to amaze me. Unfortunately, because infertile couples are so desperate and vulnerable, it's hard for them to separate the wheat from the chaff - and they often end up making a bad situation worse by trying to follow all this advise - some of which is contradictory, and most of which is rubbish. Unfortunately, most of this advise is well-meaning - and comes from well-wishers who are trying to help them to start a family.

Many people believe that just because they have made a baby in their own bedroom without any help from anyone, this makes then an infertility specialist , qualified to dispense advise !

Please don't so this. Infertile couples have a rough time as it is. Don't add to their stress levels by providing them with advise they can do without !

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  1. Thank you, It is so hurtful and insensitive to get advice. Someone asks you when you are going to have a baby, you tell them you can't and instead of giving their sympathies or leaving you alone....they take a knife and stick in further in your breaking heart.

    Thank you for this blog, I hope more people see this blog.


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