Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sharing Solutions for MS - evil pharmaceutical marketing

Sharing Solutions for MS: “These programs are about uplifting people. It’s about encouraging them, it’s about sharing the faith I have that there’s a drug therapy out there for everyone. I truly believe one day we will find a cure for this disease, but until then, we have to do everything we can to fight it,” said Clay Walker. “If I can convince one person at every program to go out there and take that first step, it’s been worth it.”"Walker will share his journey with multiple sclerosis (MS) and drug therapy with others living with MS and their carepartners."
I feel this is an example of evil pharmaceutical marketing at its best. Using a celebrity to create false hope amongst people with this disease is a terrible thing to do. I wonder under what budget head this expense falls under ? R&D ? At least Clay Walker makes no pretence that his aim to to sell as many patients with MS as possible on the value of Copaxone therapy. Maybe patients wth MS don't need doctors anymore to tell them what to do ! Has everyone sold out to the pharma companies ?

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