Wednesday, April 05, 2006

SECOND OPINION: Practicing the thrill gone? - Patient Care

SECOND OPINION: Practicing the thrill gone? - Patient Care: "Physicians who are enthusiastic about their profession exhibit certain similarities regarding the positive aspects of doctoring: the personal satisfaction of helping people, the intellectual challenge involved in applying science to people's problems, awareness that they make a difference in others' lives, and the intimacy experienced in learning about their patients' most private lives. Much in the successful practice of medicine embodies self-actualization.
Years ago, psychologist Abraham Maslow defined a hierarchy of "needs," with the particular revelation that lower-level basic needs must be met before higher-level needs come into focus. At the hierarchy's top level is "self-actualization." Maslow characterizes self-actualizing people as embracing the facts and realities of the world, being creative, showing interest in solving other people's problems, feeling a closeness with people, and generally appreciating life. Practicing medicine can satisfy most of the top-level needs in this hierarchy (although many of our residents might argue that basic needs like sleep are often in short supply)."

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