Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rating US hospitals - What does Leapfrog ask hospitals about?

What does Leapfrog ask hospitals about?: "Leapfrog asks hospitals if they adhere to the following four quality and safety practices. Significant scientific evidence shows that these practices reduce unnecessary deaths and injuries.
1. An RX for RX – choose a hospital that requires its staff to use computers to order medications, tests and procedures. This is called a Computerized Physician Order Entry system (CPOE). More information on Computerized Physician Order Entry.
2.Practice and Results Make Perfect – select a hospital with lots of experience and the best results for specific procedures, surgeries or conditions. This is known as Evidence Based Hospital Referral (High risk procedures). More information on Evidence-Based Hospital Referral.
3. Sick People Need Special Care – choose a hospital with an intensive care unit (ICU) that is staffed by doctors and other caregivers who have special training in critical care. These are doctors are called ‘intensivists’. More information on ICU Staffing.
4. Leapfrog Safe Practices Score – Select a hospital that has a high Leapfrog Safe Practices Score. This means it has put in place 27 procedures to reduce preventable medical mistakes. More information on the Leapfrog Safe Practices Score."

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