Sunday, April 02, 2006

Delivering healthcare to India's poor - profitably !

Delivering healthcare to India's poor - profitably ! Dr Prahalad puts it well. " And I think the sooner we start thinking about health as a business with its own discipline, the sooner we are going to come and change the conversation. I believe that philanthropy and social responsibility are not the solutions to this problem. I think they’re just stop-gap arrangements. Longer-term we need a business solution.
And we have to be creative about the business solution not to take the solution from the West."
This is where the business opportunity is - how can we deliver better healthcare to the poor ( Dr Prahalad's billion at the bottom of the pyramid) profitably ? Not only will we have to stop asking for handouts, lots of companies will then rush in to compete in this space - and the patient will benefit !

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