Sunday, April 02, 2006

Putting disabled children first

Putting disabled children first : "REACH (Society for Remedial Education Assessment Counseling Handicapped), a radical intervention in the field of disability care headquartered in Calcutta. Shunning India's existing professional-intensive approaches, REACH has reconfigured the nature and delivery of services for the disabled through a program that empowers mothers to take a leading role in the care of their special children, and to become effective advocates for their rights.REACH was founded more than two decades ago by Purobie Bose, a Calcutta-based special educator. For Bose, the answer lies in tapping one of India's greatest strengths: the family. Within the family, she has focussed on mothers, who are inevitably, the primary caregivers, and have the greatest self-investment in their children."
If REACH can do this for parents of disabled children, imagine if we did this for parents of healthy children, and taught them how to become more effective parents !

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