Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Wal-Mart's RX for health care

Wal-Mart's RX for health care : "When Wal-Mart announced recently that it would open medical clinics in supercenters across the country, the news coverage went something like this: Get ready for a battle of the titans. America's most admired, most vilified, most shopped-at retailer is finally taking on the $2-trillion-a-year U.S. health-care market, a hulking giant just begging to be whipped into shape by Wal-Mart's vaunted efficiency and everyday low pricing. It's Ali vs. Foreman, Mothra meets Godzilla, right?"
The healthcare industry is going to get a much-needed makeover ! Maybe these clinics ( McMedicine) will set new service standards for delivering healthcare efficiently - and by raising the bar as well as patients' expectations, doctors all over the world will improve !

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