Monday, April 10, 2006

Dell Takes Health Care Online

Dell Takes Health Care Online: ""We feel strongly that the whole issue of e-health, that the practices where technology is used to make industries more efficient, needs to be done in health care," Rollins told BusinessWeek Online. "It would make health care more efficient, and spend money on the actual care of people rather than administration."'Virtually every major corporation in America is considering some kind of employee-directed online health-management tool,' says Wayne Gattinella, CEO of WebMD Health, which is supplying the technology for Dell's health-record system. 'Dell is one of the companies in the lead, but we believe [within] the next couple of years most employers will be in a similar position.'"
This is going to provide a big push for PHRs - Personal health Records ! It's just a matter of time when companies in India start doing this too !

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