Friday, May 16, 2008

Why Americans Are Going Abroad for Health Care

Why Americans Are Going Abroad for Health Care: "For someone such as Toral, the hypertrophied medical-industrial complex is just begging for a dose of disruptive innovation. He calls his vision the 'Toyota-ization of health care,' a metaphor so vast that it contains multiple readings, some fit for industry conferences and others he'll cop to only in confidence. In Toral's view, medical tourism as we know it is already giving way to 'globalized health care.' Hospital chains at home will buy, partner with, or even sell out to foreign rivals like Bumrungrad, creating worldwide networks of patients who will hopscotch across continents chasing the best care and costs. Insurers will leap at the chance to lower their own bills and offer members more options. And employers, dying to do the same, will induce employees to play ball by kicking back a share of the savings."

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