Sunday, May 04, 2008

Health 2.0 - Modern Healthcare Online

Health 2.0 - Modern Healthcare Online: "The first principle, O’Reilly says, is the software of a Web 2.0 company has to be Web-based, has to provide a service and that service has to be structured so that the more people use it, the better it becomes. He described it as 'an architecture of participation.' An exemplar is eBay; as more and more buyers and sellers participate, the broader the eBay market becomes, which creates more value to the customer.

O'Reilly calls the second key principle 'harnessing collective intelligence,' which also is referred to by others as 'the wisdom of crowds.' To avail themselves of this wisdom, Web 2.0 developers must create applications that are dynamic, with user participation designed into the systems, so that participation itself becomes an integral part of making the underlying database more valuable. adds value by enabling readers to write and post reviews of software and books and to be engaged in other ways, such as preparing wish lists.

O'Reilly's third principle, 'Data is the next 'Intel inside,' ' notes that specialized data, enhanced through analysis performed by the service provider as well as by the contributions of service users, becomes the core asset of a Web 2.0 company. The Amazon wish lists, for example, are aggregated by Amazon and used as buyer's guides."

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