Sunday, May 18, 2008

Blog - Like A Doctor In The Family

Blog - Like A Doctor In The Family: "Health Defense© is a philosophy and a practice. It is to surviving healthcare as defensive driving is to surviving driving in an automobile. In all future postings by me, and hopefully by you, we will explore the importance of this philosophy and its application to surviving our healthcare.

We all want quality healthcare, that is healthcare that is correct, transparent, appropriate, efficient, and compassionate. If we are ill, we want a cure for our illness. If we are well, we want to preserve our wellness. How do we get that? We’ll it's not there for the taking, we need to extract it. Thinking it is just sitting there contributes to what I call the Wall of Apathy, the single biggest barrier to accessing good healthcare and preserving wellness.

We all need to become owners of our health, much as we own other things of value. Right now many have relinquished their health to all those providers who presume to want it and assert their right to it, that is the healthcare establishment. It’s time to take ownership. As for the Wall of Apathy, it’s time to “tear down that wall” ."

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