Monday, May 05, 2008

How Information Therapy can help to improve healthcare

Traditionally, most of us think of Information Therapy as information which is prescribed by the doctor and administered to the patient. Actually, it can be much more than this !

For one, Information Therapy can be dispensed by other healthcare professionals , such as pharmacists and X-ray technicians . At present, they are often underutilised. By getting them to teach patients, we can make more effective use of their skills. They much more likely to be experts in their area of interest ( for example, most pharmacists would know much more about drug interactions than the average doctor); and because they are much less intimidating than doctors, patients find it much easier to ask them questions and get answers in plain English. Talking to patients and explaining medicalese to them also helps to improve the bedside skills and empathy of these professionals, so they become much more than just technicians.

Even more importantly, Information Therapy can be provided by other patients ! Expert patients often have a wealth of knowledge which they are happy to share - and since they have "been there, done that", they a gold-mine of practically useful information ( which most doctors are clueless about).

Prescribing Information allows doctors to help patients to tap into these sources of wisdom and knowledge !

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