Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Google Health most significant GOOG business launch since AdWords | Tom Foremski: IMHO |

Google Health most significant GOOG business launch since AdWords | Tom Foremski: IMHO | "The approach is very interesting and it solves several key problems in being able to integrate health data from multiple sources. The solution: have the individual do it.

The current regulations are designed to protect people’s privacy so sharing medical data is very difficult. But if the individual does it and then allows others access to it, much of this problem is solved. Plus Google Health users can share and send their data abroad. Anyone for"

This is exactly the model supermarkets use. Instead of getting the shop-keeper to locate the goods from the shelves ( like the old mom-and-pop grocer stores did), allow the customer to find the goods himself ! This way, the shop-keeper is no longer the bottle-neck and one shop-keeper can serve many more customers. Similarly, by giving the tools to the patients, we can let the patients do most of the work, so that doctors ( who are the bottlenecks at present) are free to do more work and see more patients !

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  1. I noticed your article about Personal Health Records. We were part of the Google Health launch and we also believe individual control is the key to security and privacy. As a freelance journalist, I started writing about these a couple of years ago and was so impressed by one of them,, that I recently joined to company to handle its media relations. You may find this of interest for future articles.

    Contrasting MMR to other companies in the PHR space, MMR delivers the most user-friendly, convenient and versatile web-based personal health record available today. Using proprietary patent pending technologies, complete patient information including actual lab test results, radiology reports and images, progress notes and all of a patient’s charts can be faxed, voiced or uploaded into the user’s password-secured account. Users do not need to install any special software or use any special hardware to use our service.

    MMR also has integrated other advanced features, such as multilingual translation, a drug interaction database of more than 20,000 medications, calendaring for prescription refills and doctor appointments, and private voicemail for a doctor’s message and other personal uses.

    There also is a special “Emergency Log-In” feature that allows a doctor to access a user’s account to view their most important medical information in the event of a medical emergency. To ensure individual privacy, specific data, such as prescriptions, allergies, blood type and copies of actual medical files or images, are pre-selected by the user for inclusion in the online read-only Emergency Folder. The site has been repeatedly tested to be sure no unauthorized person can break into any account.

    In addition, MMR also includes an online ESafeDeposit Box feature that enables users to securely store any important document in a virtual “lock box” and access them anytime from anywhere using an Internet-connected computer or PDA. These documents can include advanced directives, wills, insurance policies, birth certificates, photos of Family, pets and property, and more. MMR is clearly one of the most complete user-friendly personal health records available today. I can provide you with more extensive information how MMR compares with other products on the market.

    Incidentally, when Google Health was launched on May 19, MMR was included as an integrated service on its platform. This will enable users to move information from their Google Health account to their MyMedicalRecords account and vice versa. This will enhance the Google Health user experience by allowing the individual to store documents, images, and other personal information in MMR’s easy-to-use personal health record and will have the benefit of all the additional features MMR has that are not available directly within Google Health.

    I would encourage you to visit MMR and join with a complimentary membership. Simply go to and sign up using registration code MMRMEDIA. I believe you will impressed with how comprehensive and easy-to-use it is. I will contact you after you have had a chance to experience the service with the hope that you will include us in any further discussions of the subject.


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