Monday, May 19, 2008

The Health Care Blog: Wishing for a smart health search

The Health Care Blog: Wishing for a smart health search: "There is definitely a lot of hope for technology to help consumers in the health-search space.

Here's my wish list for a Smart Search Engine:

Remember who I am.

1. Filter the information that is relevant to me.
2. Correct me if my question does not make sense.
3. Suggest me “You could be also interested in …” material.
4. Alert me if my clicks and pages have semantically deviated from what I’m searching for and let me get back to the starting point.
5. Remember what I already read.
6. Learn my social interactions with others, and deliver me the wisdom of others, especially if others are qualified or really “close” to me and my medical problems."

If the search engine was built around your PHR, all these wishes would be met !

Just like your family physician filters through all the information which he has in his head, so he can select what applies to you, an intelligent search engine can perform the same function intelligently. You can provide feedback to improve the quality of the " finds."

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