Saturday, May 17, 2008

Improving Patient Outcomes

Improving Patient Outcomes: "Physicians’ Records has designed a comprehensive service for the patient as well as physicians. The one tool that can provide a real difference for patients needing not only emergency healthcare, but also in their everyday follow-up care with Primary Care Providers and specialists.

Our Registered Nurses provide direct support for patients that encompass archival and secure access to healthcare information, so they can be an integral participant in their healthcare outcome. The most important information that physicians in both emergent and non-emergent settings need to make decisions about patients is the ACTUAL records that are created throughout the care continuum.

Summaries and patient-provided information, although helpful, in most cases does not provide the details about a patients prior healthcare documentation.

Providing real-time, secure access to your actual records decreases your doctor’s need to guess. Because the healthcare industry has been anemic in its adoption of a universal health information portal, Physicians’ Records provides the one asset that bridges the gap between hospitals, physicians and everyone in between. We provide navigational tools that are designed with the patient and the clinical professional in mind."

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