Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rate your doctor (why we wrote the story) : Booster Shots : Los Angeles Times

Rate your doctor (why we wrote the story) : Booster Shots : Los Angeles Times: "What she found was a public hungry for more complete information about the men and women to whom they entrust their lives. Americans don't apparently believe that medical boards, insurance companies or doctors themselves will tell the truth. And so they've turned to each other.

'What surprised me once I got into reporting the story was how emotional many of the comments are,' Roan says. 'People are really angry, and my sense is that it reflects the state of healthcare in general.'

We understand the pros and cons of this trend -- as, we're sure, do readers. The online world is a risky one, reputation-wise and in terms of accuracy. But patients want -- and need -- as much information as they can get when stepping blindly into the healthcare abyss. They also deserve accurate information.

Like it or not, ratings of everyone are likely here to stay. For them to be truly useful, however, our story suggests that more people -- not fewer people -- need to weigh in. Not just with the bad -- but with the good."

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