Thursday, May 22, 2008

Patients Are Powerful - a Non-Profit, Medical Patient Advocacy Organization

Patients Are Powerful - a Non-Profit, Medical Patient Advocacy Organization: "This Patients Are Powerful website is designed to walk you through the varied steps to patient empowerment. Most popular are our online printable sample letters to help you challenge your HMO for better care. You can 'Request a Copy of YOUR Medical Records', 'Request to See a Specialist', 'Get a Second Opinion', 'Choose Your Hospital', and 'Get the Right Prescription Medication'. Additionally, we can help with our HMO 'Not Medically Necessary' or 'Not a Covered Benefit' challenge sample letters. Finally, Patients Are Powerful provides Free Legal Advice in all areas of medical malpractice and a special 'Injured at Work' link among our many services."

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  1. Anonymous10:01 PM

    It's wonderful to see patients taking charge of their healthcare and to address what they want, expect, and deserve from their doctor? We recently asked this very question at Brain Blogger.

    I would like to read your comments on this article. Thank you.



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