Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why Can't We Get Health Care Right?

Why Can't We Get Health Care Right? : "First of all we don’t really have a health care system. Indeed, where we spend the largest portion of this amount on sick care, not health care. In fact, virtually our entire fragmented system is focused on sick care. Many researchers have shown that doing simple things in the wellness universe – broad application of immunizations, annual screenings for early detection of cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular risk factors, etc. – remarkably improves outcomes, and decreases sick care.

Secondly, our entire system focuses on costs; not on outcomes. It is disappointing that of the health reform plans advanced by all of the presidential candidates, every one of them mentions controlling costs as the primary goal of their proposals. Care models in the US that have shown success, most notably the Community Care of North Carolina model that creates a “medical home” for all NC Medicaid recipients, have shown conclusively that focusing on maintaining health and putting quality outcomes first not only can achieve those goals, but they also save dollars!"

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