Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The 3rd Annual Employer Health & Human Capital Congress

The 3rd Annual Employer Health & Human Capital Congress: "The business case for effective management of corporate health programs has never been clearer. The Mission of the Annual Employer Health & Human Capital Congress is to help our executive delegation of large employers maximize bottom-line corporate performance, improve overall employee health and productivity and achieve cost containment targets. Topics addressed by the EHHC Congress will encourage our executive delegation to make strategic and specific actions to improve the management of employee benefits, health & wellness programs and the delivery of effective economic incentives for better employee health."

Indian companies still lag behind in taking a proactive approach towards helping their employees remain healthy. This is a shame because it's a big opportunity which is being wasted. The most valuable resource for any company is its human capital - why don't they invest more in keeping it in good shape ?

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