Saturday, January 05, 2008 - Personal healthcare advocates - PHCA - Personal healthcare advocates - PHCA: "PHCAs would provide individual patients with an opportunity to retain their own personal advocates - professionals who work for them and them alone, and who place their interests above all others on matters related to their healthcare - just as they might retain an attorney on legal matters. In fact, on the simple premise that patients have just as much right to a strong advocate as do accused felons, PHCAs would model themselves not after the medical profession, but after the legal profession.

Accordingly, PHCAs would not practice medicine. Instead, they would practice medical advocacy, doing whatever is necessary to guard the rights and welfare of their clients in all their interactions with a hostile healthcare system.

Their mission statement might read something like this: As PHCAs, we will perform the same service within the healthcare system that attorneys perform within the legal system. We will become our clients' advocates and advisors, assuring that a dedicated and knowledgeable professional is representing them, protecting them, and advancing their rights and welfare within the healthcare system. Our relationships with our clients will be built on trust; we will hold their confidences in private, will assiduously avoid conflicts of interest, and will work directly for them"

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  1. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Thats write ! i like the way you have said that it really necessary to built the client relation more stronger.


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