Sunday, January 20, 2008

RediClinic: Services

RediClinic: Services: "RediClinic’s nurse practitioners provide a broad range of preventive services, including screenings and blood tests, immunizations, and basic physical exams. At RediClinic, you can receive most common blood tests. Our tests include, but are not limited to, screenings for high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, liver and kidney function, thyroid disease, allergies, prostatic specific antigen (PSA), and osteoporosis. Our packages combine our most popular exams at a discounted price to give you an even better value for your money!"

Now family physicians have one more problem to worry about - competition from these clinics.

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  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Oh, please ! I'm a contractor for RediClinic. I do screenings at retail locations and get lots of customers. We tell folks up front that we are not a substitute for their regular doctor, and that they really need to have a PCP they can work with. On the other hand, RediClinic is a quick service for small issues that sometimes require long wait times or advance appointments at a regular doctor's office. Often, it is quite inconvenient to get a doctor's appointment for sniffles, simple pains, or a school physical, on short notice. RediClinic is a nice compromise for those who are not only in a hurry, but for those who may not have adequate insurance at the time.

    I highly doubt it will be the end of the PCP.

    Besides, just the thought of being able to get tires, plants, electronics, toys, groceries, AND a physical exam under one roof doesn't sound all that bad !

    Paul Hause, MA


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