Thursday, January 10, 2008

Consumer Bill of Rights & Responsibilities

Consumer Bill of Rights & Responsibilities: "In a health care system that protects consumers' rights, it is reasonable to expect and encourage consumers to assume reasonable responsibilities. Greater individual involvement by consumers in their care increases the likelihood of achieving the best outcomes and helps support a quality improvement, cost-conscious environment. Such responsibilities include:

* Take responsibility for maximizing healthy habits, such as exercising, not smoking, and eating a healthy diet.
* Work collaboratively with health care providers in developing and carrying out agreed-upon treatment plans.
* Disclose relevant information and clearly communicate wants and needs.
* Use the health plan's internal complaint and appeal processes to address concerns that may arise.
* Avoid knowingly spreading disease.
* Recognize the reality of risks and limits of the science of medical care and the human fallibility of the health care professional.
* Be aware of a health care provider's obligation to be reasonably efficient and equitable in providing care to other patients and the community.
* Become knowledgeable about their health plan coverage and health plan options (when available) including all covered benefits, limitations, and exclusions, rules regarding use of network providers, coverage and referral rules"

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