Sunday, January 20, 2008

Medical myths -- Vreeman and Carroll 335 (7633): 1288 -- BMJ

Medical myths -- Vreeman and Carroll 335 (7633): 1288 -- BMJ: " Even physicians sometimes believe medical myths contradicted by scientific evidence. The prevalence and endorsement of simple medical myths point to the need to continue to question what other falsehoods physicians endorse
Examining why we believe myths and using evidence to dispel false beliefs can move us closer to evidence based practice.

Physicians would do well to understand the evidence supporting their medical decision making. They should at least recognise when their practice is based on tradition, anecdote, or art. While belief in the described myths is unlikely to cause harm, recommending medical treatment for which there is little evidence certainly can. Speaking from a position of authority, as physicians do, requires constant evaluation of the validity of our knowledge."

Physicians are human too - and both they and their patients need to be reminded of this fact !

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