Thursday, January 31, 2008

Improving the Health of Patients and of the Whole Population

Improving the Health of Patients and of the Whole Population: "To summarize, the more physicians practice good health habits ourselves, the more likely we are to counsel patients to do likewise. And if we disclose our healthy habits to our patients, we are even more effective in helping patients make lifestyle changes. Physicians should therefore be especially encouraged to have more healthy personal habits -- this could not only improve the health of physicians, but also be an extraordinarily efficient way to improve the health of all their patients.

Such improvement in health habits may be accomplished by incorporating more emphasis on personal health habits in medical school curricula, in residency training, in practice environments, and in continuing medical education. Furthermore, this personal-clinical link should also be explored in other health professionals. For now, physicians at all stages of training and practice should be particularly encouraged to have healthy behaviors, since this helps our patients and even the whole population to make healthier decisions in their own lives."

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