Friday, January 25, 2008

Improving your bedside manner - Learning Management System

Improving your bedside manner - Learning Management System: "This unique resource provides its users with knowledge, skills review, and opportunities for reflection. It also fosters learning about complex communication and relationship challenges. Each of 40 learning modules presents key principles, evidence-based recommendations, and a skills checklist. Authors demonstrate key skills in video encounters with standardized patients and provide video and text commentary on the interview. The interview challenges help learners develop sensitivity to differing communication styles and difficult situations, and the flexibility to respond respectfully and skillfully."

The great thing about the internet is that every once in a while, you come across a gem. This is one of those websites ! I think every medical student, resident and doctor should go through this carefully. It will help them to improve their EQ ( what used to be called the bedside manner, in the good old days !) All of us need polishing in this department - and helpful reminders can never hurt !

They should translate these videos into many other languages - this is a marvellous teaching resource !

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