Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Patient Follow-ups Reduce Adverse Events

Patient Follow-ups Reduce Adverse Events: " Approximately 1 in 5 patients will experience some form of adverse event after discharge from hospital. Due to lack of available staff, budget, or other concerns, post-discharge patient monitoring through telephone follow-up can be costly and impractical. CallAssure makes it possible by automating post-discharge telephone interviews. The system is designed to work with live nurse follow-up as patients who are experiencing adverse affect are able to quickly transfer to a live nurse where resources exist. In some cases, this can actually save lives.

*Is able to establish a 100% success rate in contacting patients—also 90% quicker than a person dialing
* Enables healthcare providers to deliver 100% consistent quality of care
* Has shown that many patients prefer IVR – patients were more honest and therefore received more accurate care
* Is “easy to use” – over 90% of patients who used it, liked the IVR"

Maybe a SMS could be sent to all patients after discharge automatically, to confirm that they are fine ?

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