Saturday, January 05, 2008

Lawyers are better than doctors in protecting their clients

Lawyers are better than doctors in protecting their clients : "Many physicians find themselves envious of the unbending resolve with which lawyers are able to embrace their most basic role of advocacy. Lawyers retain this luxury because society recognizes the legal system to be a morass of rules and regulations which ordinary citizens cannot hope to navigate on their own. Any citizen who becomes embroiled in this morass is universally acknowledged to have the right to a lawyer who is expected to hold that citizen’s interests above all others (within, of course, the constraints of the law). Even those accused of the most heinous of crimes are entitled to legal representation, and even if the evidence against them seems overwhelming, their lawyers are expected to jealously guard their rights.Doctors are expected to fill for their patients the very same advocacy role that lawyers fill for their clients. This role is necessary, because sick people are no more capable of navigating the complex health care system than are accused felons the complex legal system, and are no less in peril if they run afoul of that system. And a patient’s need of an advocate, a professional whose job it is to protect the patient’s own best interests, is no less vital than that of the felon."

This is an interesting point of view. Lawyers do a better job at protecting their client's interests than a doctor does !

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    This is really fantastic . i like the way you write . its really awesome!


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