Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MedCommons Home

MedCommons Home: "A Health URL is a patient-centered portfolio of private health information on the Internet. Each Health URL points to an individual person's account that stores and delivers health records assembled from hospitals and other health care providers, important documents such as advance directives and diagnostic imaging such as CT and MRI studies. Health URL accounts are used collaboratively by physicians and other clinical practitioners as well as by interested patients and their authorized caregivers. Access to the Health URL account is via over 30 standard Web services and legacy enterprise interfaces. Strict, HIPAA-compliant privacy and security safeguards are integral to the Appliance. A hospital, practice or service provider hosts Health URL accounts on behalf of their patients by licensing software for installation on-site or in a hosting center. The MedCommons Health URL Appliance is a convenient, integrated and HIPAA-compliant way for a provider to add Internet collaboration for telemedicine, referrals, secure messaging, paperless health information management, night call coverage, home care devices, interaction with retail clinics as well as new consumer-centered Web sites. A RESTful API is ready for Web 2.0 integration in health care."

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